How do I get my account verified if I am under 17 years old?

Regarding account verification as a young adult, please, send us a message via the Vero app.

To do so, go to:

  1. Dashboard (Profile icon)
  2. "?" (top left)
  3. Choose VERIFY MY ACCOUNT in the scrolling menu.
  4. Fill up the form with direct links.


At Vero, we require that anyone under the age of 17 shows proof of parental or guardian consent before we verify the account of a minor.

Please have your parent or guardian provides us with:

  1. ID
  2. Proof of your relationship such as a birth certificate
  3. A filled in copy of the consent form.

Once these documents have been obtained from you, we will consider your application and let you know when a decision is reached.

Thank you for using Vero!

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