How do I ask for my account verification as a business?

Regarding account verification as a business, please, send us a message via the Vero app.

To do so, go to:

  1. Dashboard (Profile icon)
  2. "?" (top left)
  3. Choose VERIFY MY ACCOUNT in the scrolling menu.
  4. Fill up the form with direct links.


We will require you to provide us with proof of identity regarding your name or the name you want to use on Vero. Please provide us with a direct link to your official website, verified Twitter, or verified Instagram accounts.


Additionally, we will require you to provide us with your full name as well as information about your relationship with the brand. We also accept official documents to prove ownership of your brand. It could be a certificate of incorporation, DBA statement or something similar.

We will also require you to provide us with a front and back copy of your government-issued photo ID. This ID must match the name that appears on the official documents.


Thank you for helping us build a Truly Social network.



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