How do I use hashtags (#)?

Whenever you add a hashtag (#) to your post, it will be indexed by Vero and will be searchable/discoverable by your audience. When someone taps on this hashtag, he will be brought to a page that groups all the articles with the same hashtags, in real time.

Hashtags are used to classify content, making it easier to find new or related articles. On the other hand, when hashtags are used incorrectly, users looking for particular content must search between irrelevant and misclassified content for what they actually want.

You do not want this bad user experience to be associated with your identity! When hashtags are used inappropriately, they have a negative impact on your engagement. For example, posts using more than two hashtags show a significant drop in engagement. 

Here are some quick rules on using hashtags:

  • Use hashtags only on publications relevant to the topic.
  • Don't put irrelevant hashtags on posts.
  • Don’t string too many words together with a single hashtag.
  • Don’t #spam #with #hashtags, or adding it to each word.
  • Avoid over-tagging a single post.

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