How do I create or delete a post?

Making a post in Vero is simple.

  1. Tap on the (+) icon at the bottom of the main screen.
  2. Select which of the 6 post types you would like to make.
  3. It will depend on which type of post you choose:

    For books, movies, or music, you can search for the title you want to post.

    For links, paste or look for the web address in the space provided.

    For photos, select the picture you want to post from your camera roll (access to your photos is required). See How do I edit a photo before posting?

    For places, find your location in the list or do a search, and select the source of the photo you want to post (access to your location is required, and, if you want to use your own photo, to your camera roll).

  4. Select your status or recommendation, and make a comment if you want.
  5. Tap Next and select whom you want to share your post with. You can also post to Twitter (access to Twitter accounts required).
  6. Tap Post.


To delete your post:

Tap on the three dots (...) at the bottom right of your post and choose "Delete"


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